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    Our Products


    Elevate your meals with our wholesome millet grains – the heart of health and nutrition for a nourished lifestyle.


    Snack guilt-free with our millet delights! Crunch into goodness, savoring nutritious and flavorful bites that redefine snacking.


    Explore a range of millet-infused essentials, making every pantry a haven for health-conscious choices and culinary adventures.


    Sip on health! Indulge in our millet-based beverages, crafted to refresh and revitalize with every nourishing sip. Let's cheer for wellness!

    Instant Food

    Fast, nutritious, and delicious! Our Ready-to-Cook and Ready-to-Eat millet options redefine quick meals without compromising on health.
    About Us
    About Us

    MilletzKart is a women led enterprise that aims to be a one-stop-shop kind of marketplace for all types of millet-based products. A platform for all small to large-scale Millet entrepreneurs across India to connect with India. Built with the ambitious goal of enabling every Indian family with “One Millet Meal Per Day” for a healthier and sustainable Bharat.

    Why are Millets the food
    of the future?
    Nutrient-Rich Goodness

    Millets are rich in essential nutrients, boasting up to 10% protein, 3% dietary fiber, and substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals.

    Strike The Balance with Millet

    Millets provide a balanced nutritional profile with an average of 20% protein, 2.5% fat, and 65-75% carbohydrates.

    Millet Comes in All Tastes

    Millets offer culinary versatility, reflected in the 7,000+ documented millet recipes globally, showcasing their adaptability in various cuisines.

    Gut Friendly Food!

    The high fiber content in millets, averaging 8%, promotes digestive health and can help prevent constipation.

    Gluten Free, Guilt Free!

    With More than 70 million people suffering from Celiac disease. Millet is a saviour for them and many more who face digestive issues.

    Managing Diabetes, Made Easy!

    With a low glycemic index (GI), millets can contribute to steady energy levels and may help manage blood sugar; some millets have a GI as low as 50.

    Good for Health, Good for Earth

    Millets are environment friendly, requiring 30-40% less water than traditional crops, contributing to sustainable agriculture.


    Finger millet (Ragi) contains phytochemicals like polyphenols, which may contribute to heart health by potentially reducing cholesterol levels.